Getting started

We arrive at your offices (or online) to learn about your business requirements, challenges and where we can assist.
Once we clearly identify the scope of the project and its requirements, we issue a detailed and well-planned Statement of Work (SOW) for your review. The SOW includes everything to be done as part of the project, milestones, success indicators and more.

  • Well-defined and documented project scope
  • Early detection of stake-holders and blockers
  • Clear milestones and success KPIs
  • Well-versed with vendor application, SOWs, POs, NDAs, ...


Communication is the basis for having a successful project and here at Joola we invest a lot in ensuring that communication is open, transparent and regular. All communication is recorded, managed and available for the customer from the establishment of the project to completion. We use a suite of best-of-breed tools to support this requirement.


  • Dedicated #Slack channel for your project
  • Search-able and actionable communication history
  • Clear and concise communication
  • Available for customers to search, download and archive


Over the years we had many customers, some were local and some remote. Working with remote customers has its challenges, mainly around communication, so we invested a lot in both technical and personal skills to overcome these challenges and offer a seamless work process for both local and remote customers.


  • Complete cloud-based projects and communication
  • #Slack channels for communication
  • Zoom for ongoing video/screen conferences
  • Webex for Q&A sessions and Webinars

Documentation & Tests

All projects require documentation and some may require tests. Here at Joola we do both very well, projects are documented from day 1 and tests are added as the project evolves. Having documentation ensures the transfer-of-knowledge from our team to yours and having tests ensure that the project is future proof and can be safely extended.


  • Full and detailed documentation
  • A complete test suite for all functionality
  • Test driven development
  • Test driven infrastructure development


All projects need to be delivered, signed and approved by the customers. Some require further iterations between the customer and us. For this purpose we are using the best tools for delivery management, packaging and project approval.


  • Step-by-step guide for your project deliverables
  • Complete cloud-based project management
  • GitHub based repositories
  • Documentation and test delivery and execution

After-sale service

Here at Joola we are big believers in after-sale service. While some projects are simple and end on delivery, others require further updates, attention and iterations. Once a project is signed-off by the customer, we enter the after-sale period where we are responsible for bugs, future development, feature addition and more.


  • Proactive approach toward after-sale service
  • Full warranty over deliverables
  • Technical support and guidance
  • Troubleshooting