Joola clients include technology firms ranging from start-ups, growth-stage product firms, matured product firms, SaaS firms, e-business firms and enterprise IT organizations. Our clients come from a diverse set of industries such as platform software, retail software, financial software, online media, social media, insurance, legal and education industries. Below is a partial list of our clients and their stories:

Customer: A large online gaming provider

Developed an analytic environment to analyze their customers' gameplay data with over 50TB of data collected from over 20 different channels using Hadoop MapReduce programs over HDFS repository

Environment: Hadoop, HDFS, Java, Linux

Customer: A large bank

Developed an ETL and logging environment to analyze their internal processes data with over 150TB of data collected from hundreds of different channels using Elasticsearch and Kibana over EMC repository

Environment: ElasticSearch, Kibana, NodeJS, EMC, Linux

Customer: An online gaming distributor

Developed an ETL and analytic environment to analyze their customer's gameplay from external providers and operators using Elasticsearch and Kibana over GCE hosted environment

Environment: MySQL, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Python, NodeJS, GCE

Customer: An agriculture services firm

Developed a real-time solution for collection, distribution and analysis of data streamed from a range of Connected Devices across +50 farms

Environment: NodeJS, JoolaJS, Storm, Cassandra, Cyanite

Customer: A large online gaming broker

Developed an B2B analytic environment (OEM) to analyze and visualize customers' gameplay data and share a multi-tenant set of dashboards and reports embedded in their main website.

Environment: JoolaJS, JMS, PostgreSQL, Java, NodeJS, Rackspace, MongoDB, Linux

Customer: A telecom firm

Developed a geographical visualization based on mobile subscribers' socio-economic data for use by subscribed businesses (OEM).

Environment: JoolaJS, MS SQL Server, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Python, NodeJS

Customer: A large big data analytics firm

Assisted a leading big data analytics platform provider implement a set of DevOps automation scripts to support their big-data operation

Environment: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Hadoop, HDFS, Java, NodeJS, Linux

Customer: A enterprise-content management software firm

Helped an enterprise-content management software firm develop, train and maintain a DevOps Automation framework for supporting their day-to-day publication process

Environment: Chef, NodeJS, Proprietary systems, Windows, Linux, Amazon AWS

Customer: A cloud platform

Assisted with the development of DevOps Automation framework to support deploying Docker based containers in virtual environments.

Environment: Docker, Python, NodeJS, GCE